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Sunday, 18 September 2011

2 Posts in as many days!

Well I am back and totally have the caching bug again!  I went out with a mate from work who goes by the caching name "Search and Retrieve".  We got the most I have ever got in a single day today 18 Finds and 1 DNF.  Out of all of the caches today I wanted to talk about the DNF.  We where up on the moors today and had only been going for about 20 or 30 minutes when we can to the 3rd cache.  After going on the wrong side of a fence my mate decided to hop over the fence and have a look while I held the dog (he isn't trusted to be off his lead near sheep!).  After about 2 minutes we noticed a sheep had got entangled in a fence on the other side of the ruins where he was looking for the cache.

We noticed the farmer wasn't too far away so a five minute walk I got the farmer to come and have a look.  After a few minutes he had come and managed to untangle the Sheep (which mad massive horns!).  He then said that it would have died if we didn't spot it.  The sheep also had a lamb which could hardly stand as we think the mother couldn't feed it due to been tangled.  Hopefully the lamb was okay as well.

I thought I would share this with you all because it just goes to show a DNF isn't always bad and this particular one was well worth a mention.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera today so I didn't get any snaps.  But I have included the map of where it is and marked the DNF.  I have also put a few signposts to show where the two roads go.

Saving a Sheep!

Have any of you saved any animals while out caching or had a great DNF?  Please let me know on the comments! 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

1st Post since May!

First of all I want to apologise to all of the followers of my blog.  I haven't done much caching at all recently because I have been quite busy, always something that needs to be done!

So today I won't be talking about my recent adventures because there hasn't been any!  I am hopefully going tomorrow with a friend from work but the weather looks pretty grim and we might not end up going.

I have just had a look at the current standings of a trackable race I am in and I was surprised to see that one of mine is currently third.


Okay Mario isn't doing very well and he was mine Peach (my girlfriends) is doing brilliantly.  Over 12 thousand miles covered and currently in third!
Trackable Race For The Heck Of It or TRFTHOI for short can be seen on this blog by clicking here.  There are almost 100 trackables in the race.

More posts coming soon I promise!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dream Team and The Muppets

Hello everyone,

Got an email from Jacaru this morning saying he misses the updates on my Blog.  I have been meaning to post and promise I will start posting a lot more regularly.  Thanks to all of my regular readers and thanks for those who have posted comments and become followers.

Not so long ago I went to Fleet on a busniess trip with two work mates and obviously I had to get a cache to add some miles on my GAGB Coin for the fun competition, click HERE for more information on the competition.  I introduced them to Geocaching and they where both fascinated by the idea.  John took it that step further and is now a keen Geocacher!  He has bought a GPS and is now a registered member on

We went out on his first Geocaching adventure the other day with his son and dog and had a great time.  In fact we both decided to go because it was the Royal Wedding and we didn't fancy it and thought it would be quite.

So we decided to go onto Rivington, Lancashire, UK and do a few caches there.

Rivington Reservoir showing our finds for the Day.

There was two great series round there.  The Muppets which included four muppets and a clue in each to lead to the final.  And the second was the Dream team which included an 11 cache series of all time great players throughout the history of football.

So the Muppets included Fozzie, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Kermit.  The caches are great as they cache owner made the caches to look like the characters.  We managed to get three of them and will return for the fourth and the final some day.

The Dream Team was a brilliant idea and included players such as Gordon Banks, Bobby Moore, Pele and Diego Maradonna.  We managed to get 10 of the 11 and again will be returning to get the other some day.

Rivington Reservoir

The picture doesn't show the weather much but I can tell you it was a fantastic and sunny day.  We where out about 4 hours and picked up a record 16 caches and only had 1 DNF which was the 17th of the day.  The wedding was over and more and more people where about.  We came around the corner and realised we where right near the car park and Going Ape which is a fun thing involving zip lines and tree climbing.
It was great to get out and about and have set myself the task of going caching more because every time I go I enjoy it so much.

Toby having a good shake after swimming after a couple of Ducks.
Good job his lead was on!

I couldn't believe how popular this area was for Cachers.  Over 200 logs on most of the caches we did that day.  We actually met two lots of Cachers while out and about as well.   So hello to roamingbarbarians and also little pea who we stopped to talk to along a memorable journey.

Thanks for reading and I promise to update more often!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A cache worth a mention!

So I got all of my caching gear together and went off to the homeland near Hull to see the family in particular my mum for mothers day.  I had 3 days holiday to spend before the end of April and the end of April was looking a little hectic with holidays so I didn't chance it.  I planned on doing a little caching on the Monday while everyone else was at work.  Well I got up on the Monday morning and it was raining and blowing a gale!  So I said stuff it I am not going and stayed in and played computer games all day.

I set off on the journey back home, takes about an hour and a half and I was thinking while I was driving down the M62 that I haven't done any caching for a while and the failure the day before wasn't much of an effort!  I still have my 100 caches for 2011 goal and currently have 28 for the year.  This is a little behind schedule but I am hoping the weather gets me out more in the summer.  In fact it is a nice day today and I have a few planned on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal near Blackburn.

Anyway totally waffling on and going off track a bit.  So I was coming home on the M62 and decided, because there won't be many people about I could have a crack at a cache I DNF on a while back.  In fact when I first started caching I didn't get this on 10/10/10, obviously I had no idea about the worldwide event.  This cache got a favourite point from me because it was such a nice place to go.  GCNQ58 - Hapton Castle is a clough with water running down.  Not very deep and at parts is as wide as the clough that has 50 foot walls either side.  This means wellies are a must and it just adds to the fun of this one.
A view down the end

Near GZ.  Very Muddy

Its very quite down here and all you can hear are the birds and the flow of water.  I heard a Woodpecker on my way back but didn't manage to see it to take a picture.

When I got back to write the log I noticed there was a trackable in there that I had completely missed.  I also noticed it had been there for almost 3 months with nobody moving it.  So I emailed the owner who replied saying the have recently moved to Australia but would love it if I could move it on.  So my plan this afternoon is to go and grab it, hope there is nobody about (camera is always a good one so you can stand near the cache without suspicion!).  Then later on I can get it dropped off near Blackburn!

A Ford near the parking area

So thanks very much to Ian Z who placed this cache back in 2005, it was a awesome place to come and I will defiantly be back for a walk.  I have also thought about placing my first cache down here as well.  Who knows?  Will let you know when the time comes.

Just before I go I wanted to congratulate Jakaru on his 700th find!  Have a look at his blog HERE.  Give him a comment, it will make his day.  Also thanks to him for mentioning my blog as well, I am almost at 900 hits and have a few followers (you know who you are!).  Thanks for reading and I promise to make sure this blog is updated more often!

Happy Caching!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Our first event.

Sorry for not keeping my blog up to date and sharing my stories with you.  I know a lot of you have been blogging away and I thank you all for that, there have been some really good reads out there since the Christmas period.

We went to our first event cache towards the end of last month.  It was our first time meeting fellow Geocachers and we really didn't know how it was going to go.

We got there early, in fact we where the first to arrive.  I was unsure what we where going to do when we all met up.  It was in a pub so that should have been a big give away.  We didn't realise how many people where going to be there.  With well over 100 people, even most of the regulars that meet up said it was very surprising to see so many there.

We got talking to a few people, Starlitwolf and her husband dobpet, beauchief and lfc4eva who are both in the coin mileage competition (just for fun) that I do the graphs for.  And also a big mention for countrymatters, who organised such a great event.

I took a few trackable numbers down to discover which I found quite entertaining.  Starlitwolf and dobpet who also brought their son along had him running round the carpark getting trackable numbers from cars.  Great idea the stickers in cars to make them discoverable.

I think for my next event we will try and speak with a few more people and discover more of the trackables.

Really enjoyed it.  Look forward to the next one.  GCK978 - Banish the Winter Blues

The Ley Inn where the event took place.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Brilliant Day Out!

Me and Lorna where supposed to be flying to Eqypt in the morning but as you will probably know all of the unrest there has meant we have had to cancel.  We got the news on Saturday and it really did put me in a fool mood.  Planning on a few Geocaches on our cruise down the Nile which included a few Earthcaches and the Earthcache which is the Aswan Dam.  So on Sunday I decided I needed to get out.  See my last post for the lesson I learnt.  This time I went back to the same place but all my proper equipment with me this time!  I planned finishing the HGH series.

I got a total of 11 caches and is my best for amount found in a day.  This was on Sunday and it is now Tuesday, I am aching like mad still and think I over did it a little but it was well worth it.  I also found my first ammo can!  I know that across the pond in US and Canada they have a lot of these so I was curious to see how big they where and how much they weighed!  GC1XE3B - Peter "Eye Candy" : Ian Lizzardman 4.4 which was not part of the HGH series but a good find along the route.  It's hard to believe how well you can actually hide one of these thing!  This also got a favourite point from me which is the first one I have given away.  I like to think they are a true favourite when I do use on of my points.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

A lesson learnt from a big mistake.

Last weekend I set out to do the HGH Series in Hapton, Lancashire.  Click HERE to view HGH1.  I made a silly mistake and didn't go prepared.  I had baggy jeans on, my new walking boots that I must say are brilliant, a bag with GPS, Camera, note pads, swag and a few other bits and bobs.  I also had a jacket on.  It was already raining and the wind was blowing a little, not that any of that bothered me.  I pulled up in the car and for some reason I thought I should put my camera in a plastic bag before putting it in my back pack.  THAT WAS MY FIRST MISTAKE!  Why on earth I thought I needed my camera I do not know (well actually I was going up a hill that is called 406 hill because its 406 meters high and I thought a few good snaps where on the cards!).

So I set off, picked up HGH20 first, supposed to be the last in the series but a few had done that first looking at the logs.  I then went up the country road and did HGH1, 2 and 3.  By this time I am thinking this is a bad idea, getting wetter by the second.  But I carried on, THIS WAS MY SECOND MISTAKE!  I went across a cattle grid where the road turned to a track.  A man in a van coming from the only house out here waved at me, probably thinking what a crazy fool I am to be out walking in the rain and wind.  I must admit I was rather enjoying myself but a few doubts started to kick in.  My camera is in a plastic bag, but at this point I have realised the backpack is totally not waterproof and my jeans where soaking up more water than a sponge!  To top it off my jacket was not water proof and I was starting to get a little chill (which isn't like me at all).  So at this point I started to think about what I was going to do.  Only about a mile into the good 5 mile walk I made a brave decision to turn back and admit defeat.  I then decided that HGH19 wasn't that much off the track I was going back on so I decided to pick that up as well PROBABLY MY THIRD MISTAKE!  So I got back to the car, soaking wet, looking a little like a drowned cat.  I got into the car and drove home.  When I got home I found out my camera has got wet, at this point I started to swear a little, then I dried it off and this is when mistake 1, 2 and 3 came into play.  The camera was broken.  Too wet to start up I was thinking I should never have gone out in this weather.  So I thought no worries its probably the batteries, I changed the batteries and it still didn't work, this is when I started to swear a lot, then I swore some more and then a little more.

I learnt a really important lesson on that day.  That was to be prepared for the environment and make sure you have all the equipment you need to do something like Geocaching.  Not only had I completely busted a £200.00 camera I had gotten totally drenched!

In my annoyance I decided that my Christmas money that I had would be spent on a few things to prevent this happening again.  You see Lorna and I said we wouldn;t buy anything for Christmas for each other and we would go shopping between Christmas and New Year, we where ill so this didn't happen and we said if we thought of anything we would buy each other the thing we thought of.  So my thought was this!

Well before I go into what I bought I have to say thank you very much to Kelly who I work with for getting an exchange for my camera as it was still under warranty.  She may not have told them 100% the truth of why it wasn't working but I feel that I work for that company as does she and the wages are not all that good! Haha my bonus!

Okay so this id what I bought:

Firstly I thought a good pair on waterproof trousers for when it rains.  I could just put them over my trousers (baggy jeans as well I am stupid enough to wear them again!).

The one good thing about the trousers is that they fold away into a bag almost as small as my GPS,  This means I can put them into my bag!  Oh hold on the none water proof bag, yep I bought one of them as well.  Probably the better buy of the three (jacket later is the third).  Here are the pictures.

First is the front.  It has loads of pockets, front and sides.  Also at the top.  I like the two loops at the bottom that can hold a walking stick each with a strip a bit further up to hold them in place.  I don't use them but I still like it!

This is the back.  It has two thick strips to distribute the weight and a strap to go round your body to give extra weight distribution.  And this strip also has another small pocket, maybe to keep your travel coins in!  Another great thing, that I haven't got to use yet is the small circle on the left of this picture.  Basically the bag will hold a drinks pouch and the tube comes out of the circle so.  This is so you don't have to carry bottles of drink with you.  Also this means you don't have to take off the backpack every time you need a drink as the tube goes over your shoulder.

This is the best part of it due to my recent experience with the British weather.  At the bottom is a small pocket that contains a waterproof suit to fit over the whole bag.  It is attached so you can never lose it.  It is also great if you where the leader of a group so that you can easily be seen when walking out in front.

And finally here is my water proof jacket that was a bargin.  I got it for £15.00 and it retails at about £50.00.  The one thing I like about this (appart from it been waterproof) is that it has adjustable cuffs.  So if you have gloves on you can strap the end of the jacket around the gloves to keep warmer.

In a nutshell I want to say that you really need to read up about walking in the middle of nowhere, and make sure you take the advise on board.  I did the good thing and read about it, but then I totally ignored it.  Not only did I ruin a £200.00 camera but I made what could be a good day into a bad one.  If I did go on and got onto the top of the hill (more like a mountain if you ask me) then I really could have put my life in danger.  I learnt the lesson the hard way, please don't do it my way and ask for advice on the Geocaching Forums or the GAGB Forums if you are not sure.  I was eager to get out there and that was my downfall.  I am now 100% kitted up for the elements and should be okay.  Remember always tell someone where you are going if its rural just in case!

Sorry this has been a long Blog post but I feel like this is really something you should consider when going out!  My three mistakes basically saying carry on and not knowing what the weather can do was my downfall.  Think about it!!!

Happy Caching!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Geopuzzle Project by res2100

I came across this post in the forums see HERE.  I found it really interesting that res2100 came up with a brilliant idea to make a giant hexagon mosaic.  First he set up a cache to pick up a hexagon and then a cache to drop off your hexagon when you had designed it.  From there he got a few people joining in and then put it up on the forums as well.  As you can see below it has really started to grow:

Hex Mosaic 1 - Early Stages

 Hex Mosaic 2 - A few more
Hex Mosaic 3 - Getting bigger now!

As you can see it is growing steadily and wanted to share with everyone because I thought it was a great idea.  If your interested in sending a Hexagon design then see res2100's website where you can download a template.  To do that click HERE.

Finally I thought I would share my design, soon to be on the mosaic itself when res2100 gets round to putting it on.
Of course I had to include the Team Claret Tigers Logo!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Geocaching Challange

Well it was a really nice walk we had today but the wind was bitterly cold.  We where on track to hit the goal but we came across a little problem.  A big wall that stretched as far as the eye can see in both directions.  I think I missed it on google maps.  We where about ready for the return leg anyway.

I do however see this as a success.  It was pointed out to me on the GAGB forums that enjoy the walk and if you bag some caches its a bonus.  So with that mentality I feel I enjoyed the walk got a few snaps and really enjoyed it.  I don't think I will be setting myself any goals in the near future as I its about the enjoyment and getting the fitness to go that little bit further the next time and not always about the numbers.
A beautiful man made waterfall

The water looks calm but believe me the water is frozen and the wind is howling!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Geocaching Challenge Day for Fermentum

Tomorrow I have set myself a little challenge.  This is to complete more caches in a day than I have previously.  Now a few of you may be wondering how many is that, well its a massive 4.  Yes just 4.  So tomorrow I am planning to go with Lorna and get at least 5 and raise the bar a little.  I know 5 is nothing compared to most but with 19 finds getting 5 in a day is quite an achievement.

There is a few reasons I wanted to set this little challenge.  And these are as follows:

1) I just bought some really good walking boots today with a little Christmas money from family.  Yeah thats right I am getting all the proper kit and everything now!

2) I really want to get a few miles logged onto the Mileage Competition we are having on GAGB.

3) I have an aim to find 100 caches in the year 2011.  Only 99 to go!  I really want to be able to fulfil this task and have to raise the bar of finds but I thought no need to have something too high.

4) A lose weight and get fit new years resolution.  I know you have probably heard about 50 people say this already but sorry I am another.  Really want to do this and think caching is a good enjoyable way of doing it.

5) I LOVE CACHING!  Okay I haven't got many finds but they are slowly increasing.

I will let you know how it goes in the next update!

UK Mileage Competition (Just for Fun)

As some of you may have read a while back I said I was going to be helping out with the stats and graphs for the mileage competition Jacaru set up on the GAGB forums.  Well we are at the end of the first week and here is a look at the week one totals that I completed sometime last night.
Total Mileage after Week 1

As you can see lots of miles in the first week of the year.  I know its hard to see properly due to the size of the picture but please go to GAGB forums to see better pictures HERE.  I am disappointed with myself as I didn't register a single mile even though I did get one cache (because that is my starting point).  I really pushed myself to do one to get the brilliant I Heart Caching coin moved, which I picked up in Beverley near Hull.  I managed to move it about 85 miles which I am pleased with and as I said previously it is my first ever trackable move!  This is also my first post of the year.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!