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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Brilliant Day Out!

Me and Lorna where supposed to be flying to Eqypt in the morning but as you will probably know all of the unrest there has meant we have had to cancel.  We got the news on Saturday and it really did put me in a fool mood.  Planning on a few Geocaches on our cruise down the Nile which included a few Earthcaches and the Earthcache which is the Aswan Dam.  So on Sunday I decided I needed to get out.  See my last post for the lesson I learnt.  This time I went back to the same place but all my proper equipment with me this time!  I planned finishing the HGH series.

I got a total of 11 caches and is my best for amount found in a day.  This was on Sunday and it is now Tuesday, I am aching like mad still and think I over did it a little but it was well worth it.  I also found my first ammo can!  I know that across the pond in US and Canada they have a lot of these so I was curious to see how big they where and how much they weighed!  GC1XE3B - Peter "Eye Candy" : Ian Lizzardman 4.4 which was not part of the HGH series but a good find along the route.  It's hard to believe how well you can actually hide one of these thing!  This also got a favourite point from me which is the first one I have given away.  I like to think they are a true favourite when I do use on of my points.