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Sunday, 18 September 2011

2 Posts in as many days!

Well I am back and totally have the caching bug again!  I went out with a mate from work who goes by the caching name "Search and Retrieve".  We got the most I have ever got in a single day today 18 Finds and 1 DNF.  Out of all of the caches today I wanted to talk about the DNF.  We where up on the moors today and had only been going for about 20 or 30 minutes when we can to the 3rd cache.  After going on the wrong side of a fence my mate decided to hop over the fence and have a look while I held the dog (he isn't trusted to be off his lead near sheep!).  After about 2 minutes we noticed a sheep had got entangled in a fence on the other side of the ruins where he was looking for the cache.

We noticed the farmer wasn't too far away so a five minute walk I got the farmer to come and have a look.  After a few minutes he had come and managed to untangle the Sheep (which mad massive horns!).  He then said that it would have died if we didn't spot it.  The sheep also had a lamb which could hardly stand as we think the mother couldn't feed it due to been tangled.  Hopefully the lamb was okay as well.

I thought I would share this with you all because it just goes to show a DNF isn't always bad and this particular one was well worth a mention.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera today so I didn't get any snaps.  But I have included the map of where it is and marked the DNF.  I have also put a few signposts to show where the two roads go.

Saving a Sheep!

Have any of you saved any animals while out caching or had a great DNF?  Please let me know on the comments! 

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