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Sunday, 10 April 2011

A cache worth a mention!

So I got all of my caching gear together and went off to the homeland near Hull to see the family in particular my mum for mothers day.  I had 3 days holiday to spend before the end of April and the end of April was looking a little hectic with holidays so I didn't chance it.  I planned on doing a little caching on the Monday while everyone else was at work.  Well I got up on the Monday morning and it was raining and blowing a gale!  So I said stuff it I am not going and stayed in and played computer games all day.

I set off on the journey back home, takes about an hour and a half and I was thinking while I was driving down the M62 that I haven't done any caching for a while and the failure the day before wasn't much of an effort!  I still have my 100 caches for 2011 goal and currently have 28 for the year.  This is a little behind schedule but I am hoping the weather gets me out more in the summer.  In fact it is a nice day today and I have a few planned on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal near Blackburn.

Anyway totally waffling on and going off track a bit.  So I was coming home on the M62 and decided, because there won't be many people about I could have a crack at a cache I DNF on a while back.  In fact when I first started caching I didn't get this on 10/10/10, obviously I had no idea about the worldwide event.  This cache got a favourite point from me because it was such a nice place to go.  GCNQ58 - Hapton Castle is a clough with water running down.  Not very deep and at parts is as wide as the clough that has 50 foot walls either side.  This means wellies are a must and it just adds to the fun of this one.
A view down the end

Near GZ.  Very Muddy

Its very quite down here and all you can hear are the birds and the flow of water.  I heard a Woodpecker on my way back but didn't manage to see it to take a picture.

When I got back to write the log I noticed there was a trackable in there that I had completely missed.  I also noticed it had been there for almost 3 months with nobody moving it.  So I emailed the owner who replied saying the have recently moved to Australia but would love it if I could move it on.  So my plan this afternoon is to go and grab it, hope there is nobody about (camera is always a good one so you can stand near the cache without suspicion!).  Then later on I can get it dropped off near Blackburn!

A Ford near the parking area

So thanks very much to Ian Z who placed this cache back in 2005, it was a awesome place to come and I will defiantly be back for a walk.  I have also thought about placing my first cache down here as well.  Who knows?  Will let you know when the time comes.

Just before I go I wanted to congratulate Jakaru on his 700th find!  Have a look at his blog HERE.  Give him a comment, it will make his day.  Also thanks to him for mentioning my blog as well, I am almost at 900 hits and have a few followers (you know who you are!).  Thanks for reading and I promise to make sure this blog is updated more often!

Happy Caching!


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Man That place is super muddy! Best of luck on reaching 100 geocaches this year.

  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to give you a heads-up on a little digital geocaching stunt being carried out by Jura Whisky.

    Jura Whisky is having a bit of fun with QR codes and putting a bunch of them around the island next week as part of the Islay/Jura Whisky Festival known as the Feis Ile. We gave it the name Juracaching as a play on the geocaching.

    The idea is a bit of fun, but also to encourage people to explore a little bit more of Jura than the distillery! And as far as we can tell, it’s the first time a whisky company has done something like this.

    There’s more details in the links below and if you need any more I’m sure Rob Bruce, Jura’s head of PR would be happy to help. He can be reached via

    Anyway, I hope you find it of interest – and have a nice weekend,