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Sunday, 11 March 2012

100 Geocaches Logged!

Hello all,

I have been out today and reached my first first notable milestone of 100 Geocaches.  I am over the moon about it and can't wait to get back out again.  It seems like it has taken a very long time but I got there in the end!  I have said for a while that I will treat myself to a brand new 100 finds geocoin.

Silly self taken picture to mark 100 finds.  GZ just in the background!

HGH 16-Way Down (GC2HXY3) is the cache that happened to fall as my 100th.  It is a cache that I have attempted before but didn't look very well because it was getting dark and I was rushing back.  I also got 2 others in this series today which means I have 19 out of the 20 in total.  I had planned on getting the other one as well but I didn't realise the cache was on the top on the step old quarry and I had got to the bottom.  It would have meant doubling back and my legs where already telling me to call it a day.  Unfit I know but 2012 I am hoping to change all of that!

Beautiful waterfall that was a nice surprise when I came round the hillside.

What milestones have you got?  Can you remember your 100th?  Or are you still looking forward to your 100th?  Post in the comments as I love reading what people think of my stories, and love to read yours!