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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My first Souvenir

Went out especially to get our first souvenir today (with Search and Retrieve).  Went out after work.  Only got three because the dark was drawing in but that was enough to get what we set out for.

 First Souvenir

Basically a souvenir is an achievement in Geocaching and can be gained by completing a certain task.  There have been a lot since I have been caching but I have only managed to get the one.  This one is available once every four years, on a leap year and specifically on 29th February.  All you have to do is log a find or an attend at an event on this day and you gain the souvenir above.  Hopefully this is one in a long line of them!

How many souvenirs have you got and what did you get them for?  Let me know in the comments below!

It was a really nice night out tonight.  I wish the days where longer so we could have gone on to pick up a few more.  But in the end after only three we had to turn back and get to the car before dark.  Got a really nice sunset picture though!
Sunset near Belmont

Really looking forward to the longer days and better weather.  Me and S&R said we are going to try and get out once a fortnight because when we are out caching we have a really good laugh and it seems like we are away from all the trouble of work and other things.

Also today I got my 96th cache.  So I am only 4 away from my 100th.  My first major milestone which I intend to get the 100 caches found Geocoin.  But before then I am hoping to go for a really nice well favoured cache for my 100th.  Do you know any great caches in the Lancashire area that would be good for my 100th?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

2012 - The Year for Caching?

Happy New Year!!  Okay a bit late I know.

2011 was an okay year for Caching.  I had a target of 100 and managed 73.  I have set a target for myself again for 2012, going for 100 again.  I might push for 127 so that I make up for the 100 last year.  I am also going to hit 100 in total this year, I am on 92 at the moment.  Hopefully 93 by the end of the day (snow might stop that!).

I want to be a lot more active this year and see caching is the best way to do that.

Anyone else have a target for 2012?

I have also just returned from Egypt and managed to get the Aswan High Dam Earthcache meaning I have now become an Earthcache Bronze member.  That's visiting and logging three or more Earthcaches in two or more states or countries.

I have also to it on my to do list that I need to do a proper profile page on  But for now I will be gunning for 100 in a year!
Happy Caching!