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Sunday, 10 April 2011

A cache worth a mention!

So I got all of my caching gear together and went off to the homeland near Hull to see the family in particular my mum for mothers day.  I had 3 days holiday to spend before the end of April and the end of April was looking a little hectic with holidays so I didn't chance it.  I planned on doing a little caching on the Monday while everyone else was at work.  Well I got up on the Monday morning and it was raining and blowing a gale!  So I said stuff it I am not going and stayed in and played computer games all day.

I set off on the journey back home, takes about an hour and a half and I was thinking while I was driving down the M62 that I haven't done any caching for a while and the failure the day before wasn't much of an effort!  I still have my 100 caches for 2011 goal and currently have 28 for the year.  This is a little behind schedule but I am hoping the weather gets me out more in the summer.  In fact it is a nice day today and I have a few planned on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal near Blackburn.

Anyway totally waffling on and going off track a bit.  So I was coming home on the M62 and decided, because there won't be many people about I could have a crack at a cache I DNF on a while back.  In fact when I first started caching I didn't get this on 10/10/10, obviously I had no idea about the worldwide event.  This cache got a favourite point from me because it was such a nice place to go.  GCNQ58 - Hapton Castle is a clough with water running down.  Not very deep and at parts is as wide as the clough that has 50 foot walls either side.  This means wellies are a must and it just adds to the fun of this one.
A view down the end

Near GZ.  Very Muddy

Its very quite down here and all you can hear are the birds and the flow of water.  I heard a Woodpecker on my way back but didn't manage to see it to take a picture.

When I got back to write the log I noticed there was a trackable in there that I had completely missed.  I also noticed it had been there for almost 3 months with nobody moving it.  So I emailed the owner who replied saying the have recently moved to Australia but would love it if I could move it on.  So my plan this afternoon is to go and grab it, hope there is nobody about (camera is always a good one so you can stand near the cache without suspicion!).  Then later on I can get it dropped off near Blackburn!

A Ford near the parking area

So thanks very much to Ian Z who placed this cache back in 2005, it was a awesome place to come and I will defiantly be back for a walk.  I have also thought about placing my first cache down here as well.  Who knows?  Will let you know when the time comes.

Just before I go I wanted to congratulate Jakaru on his 700th find!  Have a look at his blog HERE.  Give him a comment, it will make his day.  Also thanks to him for mentioning my blog as well, I am almost at 900 hits and have a few followers (you know who you are!).  Thanks for reading and I promise to make sure this blog is updated more often!

Happy Caching!