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Sunday, 5 February 2012

2012 - The Year for Caching?

Happy New Year!!  Okay a bit late I know.

2011 was an okay year for Caching.  I had a target of 100 and managed 73.  I have set a target for myself again for 2012, going for 100 again.  I might push for 127 so that I make up for the 100 last year.  I am also going to hit 100 in total this year, I am on 92 at the moment.  Hopefully 93 by the end of the day (snow might stop that!).

I want to be a lot more active this year and see caching is the best way to do that.

Anyone else have a target for 2012?

I have also just returned from Egypt and managed to get the Aswan High Dam Earthcache meaning I have now become an Earthcache Bronze member.  That's visiting and logging three or more Earthcaches in two or more states or countries.

I have also to it on my to do list that I need to do a proper profile page on  But for now I will be gunning for 100 in a year!
Happy Caching!


  1. I got five targets for 2012:

    - Expanding my list of countries cached in to seven
    - Finding six different cachetypes on one day
    - Getting my EarthCacheMaster-Level Bronze
    - Attending a climbing course to find my first T5
    - Last, but not least accomplishing my 500th find

  2. Thanks for your comment N@chtfalke.

    Curious to see how you get on with the climbing course! If you do it let me know. A T5 would be really good. I have seen one near me and I would love to go for it and I don't think it requires climbing but there is water, rocks, mud and other stuff so maybe summer time for it?

    Good luck with your goals!